Camping Is Easier With Pop Up Campers

Pop up campers are usually seen along with recreational vehicle. However, it is not necessary that these form integral part of RVs. Each such camper is a separate towable unit, which can be attached to or detached from the main vehicle in front. The camper is not motorized but has a pair of wheels for easy transportation. Therefore, it needs a vehicle in the front. The unit is light in weight because the canvas parts in it are almost ignorable in terms of weight. It is also lower in height making it easier to tow and store. The dimensions of pop up campers are such that they can easily be accommodated in most garages. Ordinary SUVs can be used to tow such campers around.

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When needed, the canvas parts are slid open usually on either side of the camper, with the help of a hydraulic jack, or even a hand crank. This additional room actually consists of beds provided by the manufacturer. When such additional room or beds are not in use, they can be folded back, again with the help of hydraulic jack or hand crank into their original compact size. These campers are often referred to as camping trailers, tent campers, folding camping trailers, and so on.

Types of Pop Up Campers

Usually, such campers have soft sides, i.e., the canvas parts. These include a window. The canvas parts may be covered with a vinyl compound for preventing rain water from seeping in. Such canvas variety of campers is the lightweight pop up campers. There are other varieties of campers in which canvas material is replaced by hard materials, and therefore, they are referred to as hard sided pop up campers.

Advantages and disadvantages of pop up campers

Amongst the many advantages of these campers are:

a. Affordability

Such units are reasonably priced so people who love to go out on camping with family but cannot afford to spend much would be better off with these campers.

b. Ease of towing because of the wheels

Since this is a trailer, there are two wheels with better quality tires. The dimensions, weight, and link of the trailer to the vehicle in the front ensures that the trailer does not move erratically behind the vehicle. Nor does the trailer topple over. In addition, this trailer being a low level unit does not obstruct the view of driver towing the camper.

c. Ease of storing

The compact size and smaller dimensions of the camper lets the user store it easily in garage, especially with the help of the camper’s tires.

d. Ability to use with many vehicles. 

Campers with pop up features can be used with different types of vehicles including SUV’s, and vans, apart from RVs.

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The list of disadvantages includes:

a. In windy or stormy weather, the canvas popup in these campers is of little use.

b. Privacy is a problem on these campers. Some of these campers do have a bathroom, but only a curtain is provided instead of a door.

c. Qualities of mattresses as well as other amenities are not the best

d. There are many campers out there which even have electricity facility. It does not take much time to anchor them and make initiate such amenities. In contrast, pop up variety of campers does take some time to be set up.

Camping is fun, and children enjoy it. It offers wonderful way to be together with family, and be away from the usual activities within the city. There are small pop up campers that can be used for such fun filled activities. There is difference between such a camper and Quest canopy. The camper can become a good place to sleep in the night, whereas canopy can only be used during the day time as protection against sun’s harsh rays as well as rains.